Johor Bahru - Taman Molek    English Class  21/4  Thursday  7:30pm - 10:30pm

Please join us!

Ask you a question.

Where is the place for vote counting after voting?

If your answer is: After ballot boxes are sealed, these boxes will be sent to counting centers for vote counting, then you are wrong.

After the close of polling at 5:00pm, vote counting is carried out in each classroom itself. CA (Counting Agent) will witness the recording of voting result in FORM 14, and CA will then sign on FORM 14. All FORM 14 will then be sent to counting centers to do the final summation and finally the election results will be generated. There is no more votes counting in the counting centers.

Supervision is not a difficult task, however, there is a serious shortfall in the manpower now.

Just imagine, is the result on FORM 14 convincing if there is no witness’s signature by CA on it?

To everyone that has a sense of justice, the country needs you!

PACABA = PA (Polling Agent), CA (Counting Agent), BA (Barung Agent)

There is a severe lack of PACABA in the coming general election. The voting may be carried out in some classrooms without PACABA. Let's become PACABA together, inspect the coming election, making it a cleaner election to elect a clean government, and to create a clean and beautiful home.

If you are Malaysians, aged 21 or above, upright and strongly do not be bribed, we really need you to join us.

Let us fight for justice together.


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You can also contact the political parties that you wish to help, there are trainings for PACABA provided by most of them

erhaps you have some doubt, and hope that the following Q & A may be able to answer for you. But most importantly, many Malaysian will come out to vote, some will come back from abroad to vote. We must observe every vote properly, are you willing to join us?

1.) There are so many members in political parties, why can’t they become PACABA? Why are there not enough PACABA?

A: Each candidate will send PACABA to oversee, but the number is not sufficient most of the time. One seat takes more than a few hundred monitors in the polling station to oversee the ballot boxes. At the moment, PACABA are in serious shortage! The situation where “There are PACABA in every voting classroom” has never happened in the past general elections.

2.) What are the qualifications to become PACABA?
A: Malaysians, aged 21 or above, volunteers.

3.) Are PACABA required to join a political party?
A: No.

4.) Can I choose to become PACABA at the polling station near my house?

A: Yes, you can also choose to be the PACABA for your favourite candidate or political party.

5.) After becoming PACABA, can I be absent to be PACABA on Election Day?
A: Try to avoid being absent whenever possible. In the unavoidable situation in which you cannot attend to be PACABA, inform the person in charge as soon as, so that they can arrange for the replacement on polling day.

6.) After becoming PACABA, how do I vote?
A: You can go to your polling station to vote during the shifting time (generally one shift takes two hours).

7.) I do not want to be PACABA, can I still join the class?
A: Of course, at least you can understand the whole voting process. You are welcome to bring your friends to attend the class too.

8.) Is the course free?
A: Yes, the course is free.

9.) Is the course difficult?
A: Each lecturer’s teaching method is not the same, duration of courses and teaching methods will also be different, however lecturers will try to teach in such a way that the students can easily understand.

“We may not know each other, but we have one thing in common.
That is our patriotic heart and this patriotic heart that tie us together”